My personal experience

Once a pageant girl, ALWAYS a pageant girl! These competitions are a huge part of who I am- speaking from personal experience, competing in pageants has changed my life. The women competing are driven, well-spoken, educated, empowered, compassionate and determined to be a positive change in the world. In fact, many of my best friendships were created through pageantry because you can’t help but be drawn to and inspired by the women you meet. Despite what many people believe, “beauty queens” are so much more than outer beauty. We are beauty with a purpose.

I have experience and in-depth knowledge of the following systems:

  • USA National Miss – National Judge in 2017
  • USA National Miss Arizona – Current State Director
  • Miss World – went to Miss World in China in 2015, placed Top 25
  • Miss World America – held the title of Miss World America in 2015
  • Miss Arizona USA – placed Top 5 in 2013
  • Miss United States- placed 1st runner up at nationals in 2011
  • Miss AZ United States – held the title of Miss Jr. Teen AZ in 2011
  • National American Miss – placed Top 10 and won Spokesmodel