Miss World America

The greatest reward I ever received was being named Miss World America in 2015. With this title came incredible opportunities- to serve, learn, teach and grow. Throughout the course of my year, the many places I traveled to, the many people I met, my deepest wish was to leave a piece of myself wherever I went. I am proud to say that I gave my heart and soul to this job during my reign, both representing my home state of Arizona and my beautiful country at Miss World 2015.

Thank you to the innumerable amount of people who have participated in this journey with me in some way. To my generous sponsors, thank you for seeing the vision of Miss World America and choosing to invest in me. Thank you to the entire staff of Miss World America, for taking care of business, but doing it with love. To Chris Wilmer, THANK YOU for making my dream come true.

I will take the Beauty With a Purpose ethos with me wherever I go, and hold these memories close to my heart for the rest of my life.

Forever your Miss World America 2015,

Victoria Mendoza