This scene is heating up in Arizona

PHOENIX, Ariz. – We are becoming one of the most promising states for fashion and entertainment. With events like Phoenix and Tucson Fashion Week on the horizon, agencies like Ford Robert Black Agency in Scottsdale are working to get their models and talent booked.

Preparing for these events includes lots of walking practice, ordering comp cards and shooting with photographers statewide.

In years past, Arizona has not been a popular destination for clients to work out of-especially compared to other states like New York and California. However, recently agents have noticed an increase in clientele. More and more, big-named clients are coming to the valley to shoot their TV shows, commercials and photoshoots. But why?

“More than anything, we have great weather,” Matt Englehart, talent agent at Ford RBA, said. “We don’t have the smog you’re contending with. We do have some great support people here as well. The permit fees are considerably lower.”

While Phoenix still has a way to go before rivaling cities like NYC and LA for the entertainment limelight, the “small market feel” helps small business owners like Morgan Teresa to grow their networks.

“I definitely think that I’ve made some good connections here…about half of my business comes from referrals,” Teresa said.

For Teresa, those referrals and friends make working in a growing market all worthwhile.

“I love to come home from LA and New York and be like ‘I have my friends. I have my people I care about.'”

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