This scene is heating up in Arizona

PHOENIX, Ariz. – We are becoming one of the most promising states for fashion and entertainment. With events like Phoenix and Tucson Fashion Week on the horizon, agencies like Ford Robert Black Agency in Scottsdale are working to get their models and talent booked.

Preparing for these events includes lots of walking practice, ordering comp cards and shooting with photographers statewide.

In years past, Arizona has not been a popular destination for clients to work out of-especially compared to other states like New York and California. However, recently agents have noticed an increase in clientele. More and more, big-named clients are coming to the valley to shoot their TV shows, commercials and photoshoots. But why?

“More than anything, we have great weather,” Matt Englehart, talent agent at Ford RBA, said. “We don’t have the smog you’re contending with. We do have some great support people here as well. The permit fees are considerably lower.”

While Phoenix still has a way to go before rivaling cities like NYC and LA for the entertainment limelight, the “small market feel” helps small business owners like Morgan Teresa to grow their networks.

“I definitely think that I’ve made some good connections here…about half of my business comes from referrals,” Teresa said.

For Teresa, those referrals and friends make working in a growing market all worthwhile.

“I love to come home from LA and New York and be like ‘I have my friends. I have my people I care about.'”

Starting a business, heading back to school, and writing my own book?!macduggalbluegown

Holding this incredible title has propelled me in directions I never thought I could reach. As Miss World America I have gained new business peers, travel opportunities and so many skills I will take with me for the rest of my life. Now that my year is drawing to an end, many have asked “what’s next for you?” and today I am excited to share with you my plans for the future!

Since I have competed for Miss Arizona, Miss World America and Miss World 2015, I have acquired an immense knowledge of what it takes to WIN. I have stood in the shoes of a contestant, a judge and an audience number.

This gained knowledge is owed to every single person who has contributed to my journey and helping me grow. From the bottom of my heart, I thank the people who have taught me everything I know. Now, I am proud to combine these skills I have learned into a one-stop-shop for ALL things pageant related. From styling wardrobe to acing interview and embodying a queen, Pageant Consulting with Victoria Mendoza will be a business dedicated to helping aspiring women achieve the titles they desire. More details about this endeavor will be included in a future post!

Along with growing this passion, I will be returning as a full-time student this fall. With only two more years remaining before achieving my undergraduate degree, I am eager to hit the books and study deeper into journalism and communication. Now, I’m returning with three internships and a whole lot of life experience (and TV interview practice) under my belt! IMG_2859.JPG

Finally, I am starting the early phases of writing a book about achieving your dreams at any age, any stage, from any walk of life. I am excited to be including exclusive memoirs from my year as Miss World America, working as a model and actress, and overcoming difficult personal challenges. This will be a TELL-ALL book with secrets I have never shared before. Additionally, my book will feature insight I’ve learned from powerful influencers (like the one and only, Joel Osteen!). This is a HUGE project I am looking forward to sharing with you all. PS. Are there any specific questions you would want answered in this book?

THANK YOU ALL for being supportive and loving always. Here’s to the next chapter, the next adventure!

How to Dress For a Modeling Open Call

casting call

If you’ve ever been curious about modeling, or wanted to give it a try, you probably have a ton of questions about it, like:

1. How do I get started?

2. How do I know which agency to pick, if any?

3. What are the requirements?

Believe me, it’s completely normal to ask yourself these questions. I know I did before I got started in this industry. Today I’m answering one of the most frequently asked questions: What should I wear to an open call?

Most agencies will host what they call, an “Open Call” every so often. This is an opportunity for prospective models to come into the agency to submit some photos, take a few more digitals, and, if you’re lucky, get some face-time with the booking agent. In my opinion, this is THE way to go if you want to get signed with an agency. If attending an open call is not an option, you can normally submit photos via email. Then, if the agent likes your look, they will call you back and normally sign you within that same week. Sounds pretty simple, right? Eh, it’s a little more complicated than you might think.

You could potentially attend open calls regularly for YEARS before you get signed. While this may have something to do with the market not “needing” your look at the moment, it has WAY more to do with the way you present yourself at the open call. The first, and often most important element, is the way you are dressed, styled and how your hair and makeup look. As they say, you can never make a second first impression.

The key to this is to keep things simple, minimal, yet unique. You know what types of clothing flatter you best. If peplum tops don’t suit you well, don’t wear a peplum top. If you have a pair of jeans that fit like a dream, wear them. The goal is to wear something that compliments your figure.

I would suggest wearing a solid top and bottom, or a solid black dress. Basic tanks and tees are always a safe bet, especially when paired with dark skinny jeans.

simple dressing

Another super important thing to be aware of: wear a pair of heels THAT YOU CAN WALK IN. They may have you show your walk at the open call, and you wouldn’t want to be falling over just because you wanted to wear your favorite stilettos. Basic nude heels or black booties will do just fine.

Finally, keep the jewelry to a minimum, if at all. Try to avoid wearing big earrings, a statement necklace or chunky bangles. Again, simplicity is key. The agent wants to see your beautiful face and figure, not an intricate ensemble.

Style your hair in the most natural way possible. What I mean by that is, do not, I repeat, DO-NOT, avoid doing your hair completely. Messy waves may be in style, but you cannot simply stumble out of bed and walk straight into the agency without brushing your hair. On the other end, you also don’t want to tease your hair to heaven and apply lots of product. This could potentially give off too much of a “made up” vibe, which again, opposes the effortlessly chic look we are striving for! If you’re still not sure, a pulled-back ponytail or straightened hair are always my go-to. Makeup should be very natural and basic. Groomed brows, a little concealer where necessary, lip balm and some mascara are all you need.


If you have any questions or suggestions be sure to leave a comment down below! Good luck at your open calls!


Victoria Mendoza

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