LOVE IT… OR LEAVE IT? **Contour Palettes: Anastasia vs. NYX**

A perfectly highlighted and contoured face is ALL the rage right now. With so many options, it’s important to know whether you should splurge or save on a contouring palette. Today we’re focusing on two popular contenders, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and the NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette.

contour kitVS. nyx

I have purchased and used both of these palettes, and I have to say, there is one, hands-down that I favor. The NYX contour palette is my pick of the two. GASP.  Now let’s talk about why.

1. THE PRICE: First and foremost, the price is right with the NYX palette. For $25 you get eight different shades, compared to the six shades you get with ABH for $40. This product is very affordable for anyone on a beauty budget, like myself.

2. THE QUALITY: When NYX calls this their “pro” palette, they aren’t joking. These colors are incredibly pigmented and blend out so beautifully. My favorite shade is the yellowish highlight shade, which is an impeccable dupe for the “banana” shade by ABH that everyone loves. The wonderful thing about this kit is that there are colors to complement all skin tones.

3. THE VERSATILITY: Unlike the contour kit by Anastasia, I actually use EVERY color in this palette. Whether I’m just adding a little highlight to the inner corners of my eyes or applying the darkest brown shade to define my cheekbones, I have found uses for all of the shades in the kit. I even use the contour colors as eyeshadow and use the shimmery highlight shade on my legs to make them look healthy and glowing. The possibilities are endless.

The verdict? Save your money and give this drugstore dupe a try! You wallet will thank you, and you won’t be sacrificing great quality.

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