cropped-logovmconsulting13.pngWith over 10 years of experience in the world of pageantry, VM Consulting is dedicated to bringing you the best pageant coaching experience possible.

We have helped prepare nearly 100 ladies for their important moments in pageantry, and have experienced a success rate unlike any other. Eight out of ten clients who train with VM Consulting LLC will go on to win either a Local, State or National title.  This stuff works.

Our comprehensive coaching program is customized to fit your personality, specific needs and goals. Additionally, we ensure that everything you’re doing aligns with the system you’ll be competing in. This is very important, as the way you’d prepare for the Miss USA system is quite different than the way you might prepare for the National American Miss program.

During our time together, VM Consulting will walk you through each and every step of the pageant coaching process. From interviewing and public speaking, to modeling and on-stage presentation, we’ll cover all the bases so that when your competition day arrives, you’ll feel properly equipped to Conquer The Crown.

We know what it takes to win and beyond that, what it takes to maintain sustainable growth. If you invest in your journey, you will surely gain more than what you could’ve ever hoped for! VM Consulting believes with the right preparation and the right mindset, you can become unstoppable in your journey to the crown.

Learn more about the specific services we offer by visiting our Services Page, and view our Prices on the Pricing Sheet.

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